Video: Looking for Ways to Save on Fuel? Check Your Equipment’s Oil

Updated Jul 8, 2022

As fuel costs continue to surge, contractors are looking for ways to cut that cost. And one area they might not have considered is their equipment’s engine oil.

In this episode of The Dirt, Tom Gauerke, national fleet account manager for Chevron Lubricants, explains how switching to a lighter, thinner oil can raise the equipment’s fuel economy and its performance. That’s because, under the right conditions, the lighter oil creates less resistance and enables the engine to achieve greater horsepower and fuel economy.

In an interview with host Bryan Furnace, Gauerke also discusses how a lighter transmission fluid can help cut fuel costs.

The discussion also focuses on the benefits of oil additives for not only improving fuel economy but nearly doubling the life of your equipment’s diesel particulate filter.

The discussion, while always important, has even greater meaning as the national average price for diesel fuel surpassed $5 a gallon this month for the first time ever, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration. And with the war in Ukraine, fuel costs are expected to continue to rise. As that continues, those higher costs will eat into contractors’ profit margins.

So check out this latest episode of The Dirt to find out how some simple changes to your equipment’s oil and fluids can help you reduce the impact of rising fuel prices on your construction company.

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