An Operator’s Observations: Top 5 Video Episodes of The Dirt in 2022

Bryan Furnace host of The Dirt test runs hitachi ZX210LC-6 HP excavator
Bryan Furnace test runs Hitachi's new ZX210LC-6 HP excavator in one of his most popular episodes of The Dirt in 2022.
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screen shot Bryan Furnace host of The Dirt in his studioBryan Furnace, host of The DirtEquipment World2022 marked a full year of “The Dirt” weekly videos with host Bryan Furnace, who joined the Equipment World show in July 2021.  

Bryan brought his experience as an equipment operator to a broad range of topics for contractors and the construction industry as a whole.

From interviews to commentary, Bryan delivers his ground-level, straight-forward perspective to bear on everything from how to handle diesel exhaust fluid to test runs of some of the year’s most exciting new equipment.

Here are Bryan’s top five Dirt videos from 2022, as determined by the most views on (You can click on the links for each episode below to watch.)

1. Video: Warning! Don’t Mess Around With DEF | The Dirt #55

In this episode of The Dirt, Bryan delivers a brief, easy-to-understand overview of the importance of diesel exhaust fluid and how it should be handled. He also outlines some DEF practices occurring that you should never, ever do.

2. A Closer Look at the World’s First All-Electric CTL: Bobcat’s T7X

Bobcat rocked the equipment industry in 2022 when it unveiled the world’s first all-electric compact track loader. But how well does it really perform? What kind of runtime will it get on the jobsite? And how much more will it cost than a diesel CTL? In this episode, Bryan gets answers to these questions and more from Joel Honeyman, Doosan Bobcat vice president of global innovation.

3. How to Extend the Life of Your Equipment’s DPF

The leading culprit for the diesel particulate filters in your equipment is engine oil. So choosing the right oil can lead to substantial increases in the life of your DPFs, which also means reducing downtime and costs. In this episode, we hear from Keith Shaw, global OEM manager for Chevron Lubricants, who explains the ins and outs of DPF and aftertreatment in this informative interview.

4. Test Run: Hitachi’s New ZX210LC-6 HP Excavator is a “Sneaky Beast”

Bryan got some seat time in Hitachi’s new 25-ton ZX210LC-6 HP, which arrived in the U.S. in 2022. The excavator is one of three models from Japan, marking Hitachi’s first new excavators for the U.S. market since it ended its 33-year joint manufacturing and marketing agreement with John Deere in February. In this episode, Bryan rates the excavator’s performance and outlines some of the ways it is different from predecessors made under the Deere agreement. You can also find out why he calls it a “sneaky beast.”

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5. Video: Contractors, Don't Forget to Charge for Mobilization | The Dirt #58

In this episode, we look at a job cost that small contractors often don’t include, and it’s hurting their profits. And that cost is charging for getting your equipment to and from the jobsite. You need to know your total costs on a job to determine profit, and mobilization costs need to be part of that. Otherwise, you could be leaving money on the table that you can be sure your competitors are not.

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