Video: Warning! Don’t Mess Around With DEF | The Dirt #55

In this episode of The Dirt, host Bryan Furnace delivers a brief, easy-to-understand overview of the importance of DEF and how it should be handled. He also outlines some DEF practices occurring that you should never, ever do.

Diesel exhaust fluid is a necessary evil, but also a costly one if you don’t know what you’re doing – or think you know when you really don’t. Treating your diesel exhaust fluid with care should prevent many of the aftertreatment problems associated with construction equipment. But DEF is often mishandled, which can lead to major, costly problem for your machines.

This short look at DEF – with no jargon or boring technical details – won’t take much of your time, but it could save you thousands of dollars. New operators will especially benefit not only from recommendations from Bryan, who is also an equipment operator, but from his quick overview of why and how DEF is so important to equipment. 

Veteran operators will also benefit from this quick reminder. They might also find that DEF practices they have been following are doing more harm than good – and one method of dealing with low DEF is just downright ridiculous.

So don’t let bad DEF practices gum up your machines and lead to expensive, unexpected repairs. Learn the proper way to handle this vital fluid in just a few short minutes by watching the latest episode of our weekly video series, The Dirt.

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