Ligchine Unveils Ultra Plus Laser-Guided, Remote-Control Concrete Screed

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Ligchine ScreedSaver Ultra Plus concrete screed
Ligchine's new ScreedSaver Ultra Plus levels 240 square feet in one pass and can be operated by remote control or on-board operator.

Ligchine, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of remote-control, laser-guided concrete screeds has developed its highest-production ScreedSaver model to date, and it can be operated from an on-board station.

The new ScreedSaver Ultra Plus was unveiled at World of Concrete in January for contractors working in flatwork concrete. The model comes with a heavy-duty boom that extends up to 20 feet – 2 feet longer than predecessors. It is equipped with the new Ultra Performance 14.5-foot screed head, also the company’s longest.

The screed can level 240 square feet per pass. That’s 20 square feet more per pass than its next largest machine, the ScreedSaver Pro.

Ligchine ScreedSaver Ultra Plus boom extendedThe ScreedSaver Ultra Plus' boom can extend up to 20 feet.Equipment WorldAlso new, the Ultra Plus has an elevated operator’s platform with a “captain’s seat,” twin joystick controls and a 7-inch touchscreen control panel. Like the other ScreedSavers, it can be run by wireless remote control.

Another debut for the company and the industry is the on-board four-camera ScreedView system, which displays on the Ultra Plus’ touchscreen monitor, the company says.

Ligchine ScreedSaver Ultra Plus operator seatLigchine ScreedSaver Ultra Plus operator stationEquipment WorldThe screed runs on a 45-horsepower Kubota turbocharged diesel engine. It can operate in four-wheel drive, has a two-speed drive range and four-wheel independent steering.

Topcon’s LS-B110 grade, slope and dual-slope control comes standard. Topcon’s 3D mmGPS Satellite control or LPS Robotic are options for handling contoured slopes.

Ligchine ScreedSaver Ultra Plus remote controlLigchine ScreedSaver Ultra Plus remote controlEquipment WorldOther features include a swingboom frame that pivots side to side up to 12 degrees, Ligchine Gen 2 Wireless control, an on-board pressure washer for cleanup, two locking toolboxes, two high-capacity water tanks, and front and rear LED light pods.

Ligchine International was founded in 2007 by concrete contractor Peter Ligman and his uncle Gary Ligman. Peter Ligman’s goal was to produce a smaller screed than those that were available for rent at the time and one that would be easier to transport and less expensive. Because they are are remote control, they also save on labor.

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“Our screeds are production machines specifically developed for commercial flat work and can dramatically reduce dependence on labor, which is often in short supply, while yielding a higher-quality end product,” the company says. “Our customers are concrete flatwork contractors of all sizes performing specification-driven work that demands first-rate Floor Flatness (FF) and Floor Levelness (FL) results.”

Check out the Ligchine video below to see the company’s ScreedSaver Elite in action: