Trimble Unveils Latest Robotic Total Station, the Trimble Ri

Ryan Whisner Headshot
Updated Oct 6, 2022
Trimble RI total station

Trimble unveiled the latest addition to its portfolio of robotic total stations, the Trimble Ri.

The instrument's flexibility and upgradeability make high-end total station technology more accessible and sets a new scalability standard for use across the construction industry.

Offered in multiple configurations to meet a diverse set of workflows, the Trimble Ri is ideal for general contractors as well as concrete, steel and others. The base units can be scaled remotely via annual subscription licensing packages and software customization.

Easy to operate with extended layout capabilities, the Trimble Ri total station provides a longer laser range, focusable electronic distance measuring, an eye-safe laser pointer and improved target tracking. 

Leveraging Trimble FieldLink software on a tablet or FieldLink MR on a Trimble XR10 for Mixed Reality, users can control and automate their workflow.

With Trimble VISION, integrated digital cameras, the instrument can be controlled from anywhere on the jobsite and allows for quick and accurate target detection and lock. In addition, the self-calibration feature performs automatic calibrations as required and reduces the need to send the total station in for service.

"The new Trimble Ri sets a new standard for optical positioning solutions for the construction field worker,” said Martin Holmgren, general manager, Trimble Building Construction. ”To date, no other supplier has introduced this type of robotic total station flexibility in the market. It is an exciting way for our customers to purchase and utilize the solution, which can be more aligned with their project-based business needs.” 

The Trimble Ri total station is available now worldwide through Trimble's Building Construction distribution channels.