Doosan Unveils First Wheel Loader Bucket with No Blind Spots

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Updated Apr 16, 2021
Doosan wheel loader with transparent bucket
Doosan's transparent wheel loader bucket uses curved projection to eliminate blind spots in front of the bucket for the operator.

Doosan Infracore has introduced what it says is the industry’s first wheel loader with a “transparent bucket,” which uses front projection technology to eliminate blind spots for the operator.

The “transparency” is provided by cameras that provide images in real time that the operator would not usually see when the bucket is raised. The cameras positioned on top and bottom use a curved projection method to display in the operator’s view.

“The driver can easily check the blind spot in front of the bucket with a monitor to prevent safety accidents,” the company says.

It also helps productivity by providing a forward view during loading and unloading and when carrying a load.

“Doosan Infracore is the first company to develop and apply the front projection function like the transparent bucket for a construction machine,” the company says.

The transparent bucket is not available in the U.S., and no word yet on when that might occur. The company has applied for patents for it in North America, Europe, Korea and China.

The company says the transparent bucket is part of its efforts to improve safety on the jobsite through technology, such as an around view monitor system that can monitor the equipment’s surroundings and a rear warning system using ultrasonic sensors.

The transparent bucket and other technologies are designed for the company’s next-generation DL-7 Series wheel loaders, which have been launched recently in Europe and Korea. The bucket is being offered as an optional feature, according to Doosan.

The new wheel loaders also help to improve operator visibility with a 14% larger glass window than previous models. They also feature an ergonomic operation panel and a semi-automatic door function that uses a smart key.

Doosan says it basically changed everything on the new loader series, its first revamp of the series in 10 years. The redesign has won awards in Germany and Korea.

Doosan launched the new DL-7 series last May to meet the latest European Stave V emissions standards. The company plans to launch the new series over time globally, starting in Europe. No word yet on the North American plans.

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Here’s a Doosan video of the transparent bucket: