6th Day of Construction Gifts: UE ROLL waterproof Bluetooth speaker is perfect for the jobsite

Updated Dec 15, 2015

Img 0081In the past, bringing tunes along to the jobsite without worrying about finding a plug or destroying the stereo with dust, water and other materials, meant lugging around a giant rugged boom box that probably best functioned as an FM radio. But thanks to the advent of the Bluetooth speaker, you can now easily throw a speaker in your bag or toolbox and head out the door.

But there are literally hundreds of options for portable Bluetooth speakers out there. So, which should you pick? We recommend the UE ROLL, probably the best reviewed portable speaker on the market and highly recommended by The Wirecutter, a reviews site that factors in price, competition, customer reviews and even the verects of other review sites.

Img 0082This $100 speaker won’t break the bank and its rugged design gives you the peace of mind that it won’t simply break, either.

As The Wirecutter points out in their review, this speaker is IPX7 rated, meaning it’s waterproof when submerged up to one meter. No rain or snow is going to hurt this thing. Heck, UE even includes a pool float in the box so you can take it swimming. And the integrated bungee rope on the back of the speaker lets you hang and strap it just about anywhere.

But beyond its rugged design, the ROLL is a great sounding speaker, too. It pushes plenty of bass and The Wirecutter says its volume is “about as loud and a typical smaller TV set (say, in the 32-inch range). Pretty impressive for a speaker this compact.

Speaking of compact, that seemingly odd saucer shape actually makes it a perfect fit for just about any bag and if you want, you can even pair up two ROLLs for double the sound output from a single source.

The UE ROLL typically sells for about $100 but right now is priced at $90 on Amazon.

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