AEM/AEMP Telematics Standard to incorporate additional features

Updated Dec 23, 2015

telematics construction

Earlier this year the Association of Equipment Management Professionals and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers announced a much expanded telematics standard to help contractors manage and analyze information across multi-brand fleets.

The standard is currently undergoing an approval process through the International Organization for Standards (ISO) and as a result of this, several key changes have been adopted. The data points and fault codes to be included in the final version of the standard remain unchanged, however the new standard will also include:

  • More frequent data polling
  • More data flexibility
  • Better security
  • Faster API load time
  • More options for customer’s integrators
  • Units of measure standardized to metric
  • More data per customers’ requests

Additionally, AEM will offer a test database that allows third parties, software developers and major fleet owner developers to verify that their business systems are functioning correctly to pull in their desired information. The test database will also help them create new reporting systems by minimizing the need to contact multiple manufacturers directly.

“This ISO standard gives fleet intensive companies confidence that the data being gathered from multiple OEMs conforms to an international standard, which in turn eases the implementation process to use the telematic data in making better informed business decisions,” say Tim Truex, CEM, Kokosing Construction Company and a member of the AEMP technology committee.

The AEMP/AEM telematics requirements will be part of ISO 15143 (Earthmoving machinery and mobile roach construction machinery—Worksite Data Exchange) as a new section: Part 3: Machine Data.”