Topcon launches rugged SL-100 modem for connecting Sitelink3D network

Updated Jul 17, 2013

Sitelink3D_with-SL-100_TopconTopcon’s Sitelink3D is a pretty amazing thing to see in action. The Web portal provides real time jobsite management, data control and system support and during our coverage of Komatsu’s new fully-automatic D61i-23 dozer, we got to head inside and watch as the work of the dozer and a few other pieces of equipment was tracked in real time.

But to connect all of those machines to the network, you need a modem and Topcon has released its own rugged solution in the SL-100. The modem supports GPRS, Edge and 3G cellular networks to provide quick access to the Web portal.

The SL-100 modem connects to onboard Topcon 3D-MC systems through the MC-R3 GNSS receiver box. Installation can be made to existing machine control system, or new systems can be ordered with the modem pre-installed.

“All job data, production data, communication to and from the office, machines and surveyors are possible with Sitelink3D and the SL-100,” says Kris Maas, manager of 3D machine control product marketing.