Asphalt Pavement Alliance releases ‘High-Performance Intersections’

A new technical publication from the Asphalt Pavement Alliance, High-Performance Intersections, provides useful guidelines to the pavement designers who deal with the challenges of intersections and other high-stress pavements. The publication is available as a free download from

“All engineers know that heavy, slow-moving traffic found at intersections, toll booths and other such locations can expose pavements to the highest stress levels possible,” explained Wayne Jones of the Asphalt Institute, one of the authors of the document. “But a well-designed, well-constructed pavement at these locations can deliver the same outstanding performance as all other pavements.”

High-Performance Intersections lays out a four-point strategy to ensure good performance for intersections and other high-stress applications. To illustrate the principles, the publication chronicles two head-to-head competitions between asphalt and concrete intersections. It also discusses the “World’s Strongest Intersection,” located next to a quarry in Illinois.