The KWIK-WAY Rotary Rock Picker is the world’s first Rotary Rock Picker for skid loader use. 

Now farmers and landscapers can pick up rocks with ease.  This means picking rocks two to three times faster than the rock bucket.

The KWIK-WAY Rotary Rock Picker will fit on any skid loader with a quick attach plate.  This design is modeled after the rotary combine, which we all know revolutionized the farming and construction industry.

Made of heavy duty steel, and engineered with patent pending technology, the KWIK-WAY Rock Picker will last the average farmer or construction company a life time.

 Farmers and construction workers can now pick rocks with ease.  Simply scoop, spin, and the rock is picked and cleaned.  Tough rocks barely visible in the ground can be scooped up along with pieces of wood, tin cans, hub caps, and any other debris, cleaned and moved to the designated work site.

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