Delhi, ON – Titan Earthmoving Equipment (Titan EMD), a division of Titan Trailers, has introduced a new high-capacity scraper system that integrates a 44 cu. yd. bowl with a Bell 4206D scraper tractor.

“This is the first earthmoving system designed specifically to build on the power and efficiency of today’s most advanced scraper tractors,” says Mike Kloepfer, President of Titan EMD. “By engineering the two units to work together, the S4412B introduces a system that lets contractors earn more on their total equipment investment by delivering more earth at faster speeds with lower operating costs and higher reliability.”

Key features of this innovative scraper include tight integration with the Bell tractor, a rear wheel assembly based on a pair of massive 100 in. (254 cm) diameter E3 earthmover tires on 5 in. (12,7 cm) diameter axles, plus an innovative High Arch Drawframe designed to optimize weight transfer and maneuverability.

Advanced earthmoving power

According to Kloepfer, S4412B was designed for large, dedicated earthmoving projects and is optimized for both conventional push-loading operations and for top-loaded hauler/spreader operations. In some applications, says Kloepfer, the S4412B is also capable of self-loading.

The scraper bowl lists a struck capacity of 30 cu. yd. and for heaped loads up to 44 cu. yd. The 4 piece cutting edge scrapes a 12 ft. (365,8 cm) swath up to 13 in. (33 cm) deep, loading through an apron opening of up to 89 in. (226 cm). The bowl’s 73” (185,4 cm) high sidewalls minimizes spillage during loading and provides the S4412B with excellent load retention to deliver more of the captured load to the dump location.

The power unit is a 422 HP Bell 4206D scraper tractor driven by a 12-liter Mercedes Benz diesel engine and Allison 6-speed automatic transmission. The smooth-riding tractor achieves top speeds up to 24 mph (39 kph), while the right-sized scraper tires ensure maximum flotation and stability over soft and uneven ground.





Strength and agility

The scraper’s distinctive High Arch Drawframe couples the scraper and tractor through a massive 12 in. (40,4 cm) diameter ball hitch. The ball hitch is positioned well ahead of the tractor’s rear axle to take best advantage of the strength, speed, traction and agility designed into the unit specifically for scraper application. The drawframe configuration effectively transfers loaded scraper weight equally to both tractor axles for maximum tractive effort in all soil conditions. The equalization of the tractive effort of both axles also efficiently distributes load stresses to ensure a long, productive lifecycle. The High Arch Drawframe’s compact connection also allows the 55 ft. (1 676,4 cm) long scraper system to turn within a radius of just 39 ft. (1 189 cm), enabling operators to maneuver quickly and safely on congested work sites.

About Titan EMD

Titan Earthmoving Equipment is a division of Titan Trailers Inc., a world-class innovation leader in purpose-built equipment designed to meet the most demanding hauling applications for customers in forestry, scrap recycling, waste-hauling and demolition industries. Since 1973, Titan has earned its reputation for reliability and durability through a combination of old school craftsmanship and new age design and manufacturing technologies. The S4412B scraper system builds on Titan’s experience in optimizing weight distribution, maximizing bulk load capacities and building in strength against the severe structural stresses.

The alliances that have been built with Bult Equipment and Bell Equipment, powers Titan’s ongoing development of efficient, integrated scraper solutions backed by generations of world-class expertise and experience.