Talbert’s new 35CC trailer designed for unloading equipment in tight spaces
Don McLoud | October 4, 2017

The fold-up ramps and beavertail on Talbert’s 35CC trailer make it easier to load and unload equipment in confined spaces, such as urban job sites.

Talbert’s new 35CC-HRG lowbed trailer, unveiled Tuesday at the ICUEE show in Louisville, Kentucky, is designed to load and unload construction equipment in tight spaces with its beavertail and ramps.

The beavertail and spring-assisted ramp, which can be raised and lowered, allows operators to drive equipment over the back of the trailer without having to detach the gooseneck. Scott MacRae, Tablert director of business development, said the company identified a market need for the incline on the back of the trailer for work in confined areas, such as urban job sites. The two ramps weigh about 75 pounds each and can be easily lowered and raised.

Talbert specializes in custom trailers, but MacRae notes that the new 35CC was designed to be versatile for hauling a variety of equipment. The trailer has a 6-inch road clearance. The ride height can be adjusted plus or minus 3 inches for additional clearance in getting in and out of jobsites and traveling over uneven surfaces. Talbert boasts one of the lowest deck heights, at 22 inches, so tall equipment has the added clearance it needs.

MacRae also pointed out that the removable gooseneck has four hydraulic cylinders parallel to the ground instead of two vertical ones. This prevents the trailer from sinking into soft ground when loading equipment, and the cylinders are easier to maintain, the company says.

The trailer is rated at 70,000 pounds and is 43 feet, 9 inches long. The 24-foot deck is 8 feet, 6 inches wide. Swinging outriggers provide an additional foot of deck width for oversized equipment.

MacRae notes that the deck floor consists of 1.5-inch Apitong wood, which is durable and able to handle heavy loads.


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