Scissor lift battery explodes, causes evacuation of Ohio police HQ
Wayne Grayson | September 25, 2013
Columbus scissor lift battery explosion

The scissor lift battery that exploded in the lobby of Coumbus, Ohio Police HQ. Credit: Jim Woods/Columbus Dispatch

What many thought could be a bomb or an attack on the downtown Columbus, Ohio police headquarters was found to be a battery for a scissor lift that exploded inside the building.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, employees on the first and second floors of the building heard the explosion and phoned it in. The building was evacuated and surrounding streets were shut down for several hours.

Emergency responders along with FBI and anti-terrorism investigators were dispatched to the station. After a quick search, the boom was found to be caused by the explosion of the battery of a scissor lift in the lobby being used for an insulation installation.

“I heard a boom but I didn’t think anything of it,” said Todd Blackstone, a crane operator for Capital City Group who was working at the federal courthouse across the street.

Thankfully, no one was injured and there was no major damage found—save for the scissor lift of course.

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