Closed for more than a year, construction begins on Jackson, Miss., bridge

Updated Oct 31, 2018
Google Earth screen shot of McDowell Road bridge prior to closing.Google Earth screen shot of McDowell Road bridge prior to closing.

Construction has officially begun on the McDowell Road bridge in Jackson, Mississippi, which has been closed for more than a year because of structural issues, WJTV reports.

The $1.2 million project is being funded through a fast track project grant. Construction is expected to take approximately 120 days, weather permitting.

“This bridge is not only important to the convenience of residents, it’s important to the economic development of the area,” Lumumba told the news agency.

“When the federal government sends resources for infrastructure down to a municipality, it goes through the state and so it requires coordination on the state level. We have an estimated $2.5 billion issue, and so it requires resources to address this crumbling infrastructure, but we’re going to be aggressive in how we approach that, and we’re going to be creative.”

According to the news agency, Lumumba said there are several more bridge and road projects planned for the near future.