Iowa DOT asks for public comment on future of state’s transportation

Iowa_welcome_sign_2008The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) is seeking comments from the public on its Iowa in Motion 2045 long-range transportation plan.

The agency in February asked for public feedback on investment categories and strategies for transportation projects. Iowa DOT used the comments to help create the “overall system vision and the types of investments and strategies to consider.”

The new survey was built on the results of the February feedback, in addition to Iowa DOTs own analysis of the state’s highway system. The questions, the agency says, focus on how people want to live and travel in the future, and how they view particular highway investment strategies.

One question asks about the perceived spending amounts on specific areas of the state’s transportation system, covering areas such as maintenance, safety improvements, traffic flow improvements, operations, capacity expansion and bridge repair and replacement.

The survey is available at this link and more details on the Iowa in Motion 2045 plan are available here.