PB Loader redesigns B10 Pothole Patcher with larger container

Updated Jul 18, 2016

PB_B10_ConventionalCab2PB Loader has redesigned its B10 Pothole Patcher with a 10-cubic-yard-capacity heated container to allow for longer operation time.

“Many of our customers need a heavy-duty pothole patcher built to offer non-stop operation,” says PB President Jason Thompson. “Municipalities of all sizes have a lot of potholes to fix and a lot of ground to cover. They need a machine that lets patching crews work all day long with less trips for payload refills.”

The B10 can be mounted on a conventional or tilt cab 60,000 GVW chassis. It features a propane-fueled radiant heater rated at 67,000 BTUs and is thermostatically controlled from 100 to 300 degrees. The burner is fully enclosed and located at the front of the container box away from the operator control area at the rear.

The container’s interior sides and exterior walls are made from 10 GA hot-rolled (HR) steel and the steel floor is 1/4-inch HR steel. The top loading doors are 2-inch double wall construction and when opened form a V-shaped inside surface to funnel material. The rear features the operator controls and two hydraulically-operated material unload doors.

The B10 is fitted with an emulsion spray system for tack coating, and the system compartment tank is divided into a 130-gallon emulsion tank and a 20-gallon solvent tank. The company says operators can switch from emulsion to solvent with a single lever valve. The emulsion pump outputs at 10 gallons per minute.

Optional features for the B10 include:

  • Auxiliary electric heat system
  • Compactor plate and lift platform
  • Walk-behind roller with roller transport device
  • Hydraulic tool circuit and hydraulic tools
  • Frame mounted lockable tool box, lockable and spoils bin for discharged material
  • Solvent pump with 25-foot hose and wand
  • Inside cab controls, arrow boards, beacon and flashers, air compressors, air tools and hose reels