PennDOT’s Sullivan County maintenance group reaches 2,000 days without a disabling injury

Pennsylvania-welcome-signThe Sullivan County Maintenance Organization in the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) District 3-0 reached 2,000 days without a disabling injury on Dec. 6.

“For any job to be performed correctly, it must be done safely with the employee’s well-being at the forefront,” Sullivan County Assistant Highway Maintenance Manager Matthew Morgan says. “We never compromise when it comes to safety.” He added that county workers have a “total commitment” to safety, which they accomplish through a teamwork approach.

District 3-0 Safety Coordinator Thomas Walker also said Sullivan County hasn’t had a personal injury of any since July 12, 2012. “A workplace injury is unacceptable, regardless of the circumstances,” Walker said. “Our goal is to ensure every employee returns home each day to their family injury free.”

“Sullivan County achieved a significant safety accomplishment in reaching 2,000 days without a disabling injury,” District Executive Sandra Tosca says. “This achievement was not reached by accident but by the well engrained safety culture and teamwork demonstrated by the Sullivan County Maintenance Organization.”