Colorado DOT puts traction law into effect

Updated Dec 24, 2015

snow trafficThe snow is starting to fall in Colorado and the state’s department of transportation is taking measures to keep drivers safe.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has put the state’s traction law into effect in order to ensure that drivers have the right amount of grip on the slick winter roads, according to Western Slope Now. It marks the 65th time CDOT has enacted the law this year.

“This is not a new law. I think a lot of people say, ‘Oh, we’ve got this new law out there.’ This law has been available to us, you just can see now that we are utilizing it much more heavily, and I believe a lot of it has to do surely with the volume of people we now have traveling in Colorado,” CDOT public relations manager Tracy Trulove said.

The law means that all passenger vehicles that aren’t all-wheel drive must have snow tires or use chains or other traction devices. Those who violate the law with improper equipment can be fined up to $130 while those whose vehicles left blocking the roadway can face fines up to $650.

CDOT has also said it is keeping crews out on the road around the clock until the current winter storm has passed.

“Our crews started snow-shift along the Front Range at 4 yesterday afternoon, with areas in southeastern Colorado beginning their snow-shifts at midnight, and others in the mountain areas on-shift since Friday or midnight Sunday,” CDOT director of maintenance Kyle Lester said.  “Snow and wind are expected to continue through the afternoon and possibly into the early evening so we’re asking drivers to give themselves extra time to get to their destination and be prepared for reduced visibility.”