Centerpiece of Ohio River Project nearly complete; set to open to traffic in December

Updated Nov 7, 2015
Photo from the Ohio River Bridges ProjectPhoto from the Ohio River Bridges Project

The final steel beam is set and the last of the precast deck panels are in place on the Downtown Crossing in Louisville, Kentucky. All that’s left are a few minor details and then the centerpiece of the $2.6 billion project will be ready to carry drivers for the first time.

The Ohio River Bridges project made the announcement earlier this week that the new Downtown Crossing would be open to two-way traffic starting in December, following more than one year of construction. A new video, which can be seen below, was also released showing the final gap of the bridge being closed.

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The last work that needs to be done is underway as the crews pour concrete to fill holes left after removing the tower crane used for construction. After that, a waterproofing membrane will be applied to the bridge before the final paving is done by late November.

The Downtown Crossing bridge, which used 12 million pounds of steel and 88 stay cables, might be complete, but there is still work to be done. The construction crews will move next to completing $22 million in improvements to the nearby Kennedy Bridge, built more than half a century ago, on Interstate 65 to extend the bridge’s lifespan by decades.