Nebraska launches Innovation Task Force for Transportation

Updated Nov 19, 2015

1280px-Welcome_nebraskaThe Nebraska Department of Roads has launched a new task force to focus on how the public and private sectors can work together to tackle transportation issues in the state.

The NDOR announced the creation of the Innovation Task Force for Transportation October 15, with Director Kyle Schneweis touting how he would work with the task force in order to come up with new ideas and prepare for the future of infrastructure.

“As we explore less familiar areas, such as the economic impacts of our transportation investments and innovative funding, finance and project delivery, we need to look at these issues from all sides before we can decide which of these ideas make the most sense here in Nebraska. Our partners can help us to do that,” Schneweis said.

The NDOR said that the task force is going to work on finding ways for the department to reach the goals set by Gov. Pete Ricketts—such as modernizing the department’s business practices, increasing transparency, fostering engagement about transportation topics and increasing the efficiency of NDOR employees.

“Building a 21st century infrastructure is an important part of growing Nebraska,” Ricketts said.  â€śGood roads are important for public safety because they provide safe transportation corridors for our families commuting to work, dropping their kids off at school, and making a trip to the grocery store.

“As we continue to invest in building new infrastructure, we must continue to rely on the same fiscally-responsible financing principles that Nebraskans live by every day.”