30 miles of steel girders for Tappan Zee Bridge to arrive soon

Construction progress on the new Tappan Zee Bridge as of May 20.Construction progress on the new Tappan Zee Bridge as of May 20.

The massive Tappan Zee Bridge project in New York will receive the first of 134 steel girder sections for the six miles of roadway in the project, according to a report by The Journal News.

All of the girders to be used in the project would stretch for 30 miles.

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Not only will the girders be impressive by their number, they also be very noticeable via their distinctive bright blue color.

The girder assemblies will be built about 120 miles north of the bridge site and brought downriver on a barge. The trip will take an estimated 20 hours, and is set to begin in a couple of weeks, The Journal News reported.

The super crane dubbed the “I Lift NY”, which went into action in April, will place the girder assemblies once they arrive. The two spans of the bridge will have five girders placed across.