Flood-damaged Dalton Highway reopens to traffic in Alaska

Dalton+north+6.5.2015+smThe Dalton Highway, the only road between the North Slope oil fields and Fairbanks, Alaska, reopened June 5 as planned, following an 18-day closure for repairs due to thaw flooding from a nearby river.

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT&PF) says the highway is open to two-way traffic with flaggers and a pilot car to follow at Mile 412 to 414.

The flood zone, from Miles 392 to 414, are still in rough condition with uneven surfaces and narrow passes. While the highway has opened ADOT&PF stresses that repairs are still in progress.

The highway has had intermittent closures from flooding in mid-March, but closed for the 18-day stretch beginning in May. Gov. Bill Walker had declared the flood zone a disaster area.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recently made $2 million in Emergency Relief Funds available for repairs to the highway. Total highway damage is estimated at $7 million.

“We want to thank everyone involved in this incredible effort,” said Mike Coffey, ADOT&PF Statewide Director of Maintenance and Operations and the State Incident Commander. “We would not be opening the road today without the cooperation and teamwork of every single stakeholder.”