MLT 3060 Light Tower Compact • Essential • Reliable

MLT-3060-mast-upWith hundreds of thousands performing around the world, the MLT 3060 Magnum light tower is essential to the construction equipment fleet offering. Fundamentally sound, the MLT3060 provides a reliable light source, easy to use, low cost choice accommodating a variety of applications for construction, construction rental, emergency disaster relief, airports, security and outdoor events.

Built to withstand rugged construction sites, a 4-point outrigger/ jack support stance assures maximum unit stability and ability to withstand winds up to 65 mph. The tubular steel mast can extend up to 30′ and has a 360° rotation with locking system. 4- 1000 watt oval lights also feature 360° rotation providing flexible light coverage enough to illuminate 5-7 acres allowing work to continue safely after dark.

Each unit has a fuel capacity sufficient to run over 60 hours saving time and labor, that coupled with the auto start/stop option available, saves fuel by not requiring the light tower to run longer than necessary on site during daylight hours.

The compact styling of the MLT 3060 saves space in storage and transport. Transport costs, including fuel and labor are reduced every time these light towers are moved to and from the jobsite.

Engine/ Generator Set

  • Mitsubishi or Kubota liquid cooled diesel engines
  • 10.5 hp / 11.7hp @ 1800 rpm prime
  • 30 gallon fuel tank
  • Over 60 hour run time
  • Marathon, brushless generator
  • 6 kW standby output


  • Ballast indicator lights
  • Individual floodlight circuits with 15amp breakers
  • Standard individually breakered convenience outlets
    • 1- 120V 20 amp GFCI outlets
    • 1 – 240V 30 amp twistlock outlets
  • 440 CCA wet cell battery

Light Tower/ Mast

  • 4- 1000 watt hard wire metal halide oval light fixtures
  • Individual floodlight on/off switches
  • 30’ Max. extension tubular steel mast
  • 360° rotation w/ locking system
  • Dual winch system ergonomically located allowing one person operation

Compact Design

  • 170” long with mast stowed
  • 49” wide
  • 68” tall with mast stowed

External e-stop switch for safety