Komatsu launches D61i-23 dozer with “intelligent machine control”


Komatsu has launched its D61i-23 dozer, featuring what the company calls “intelligent machine control,” according to our sister site, Equipment World.

The machine’s automatic control works through the entire job, and Komatsu says the automatic control helps inexperienced operators get work done more quickly while boosting the productivity of experienced operators by about 13 percent.

Komatsu will offer two models of the dozer: the track-on ground D61EXi-23 model and the low ground pressure D61PXi-23 model. Operating weights range from 39,441 to 41,381 pounds with a net horsepower of 168 horsepower at 2200 rpm and blade capacity between 4.5 and 5.1 cubic yards.

[youtube oo9wruSCJ1Q nolink]

The D61i-23 features an enhanced Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU+), which replaces the blade-mounted sensors, and stroke-sensing hydraulic cylinders, which help the system know the angle of the blade.

The machine uses four dozing modes: cut and carry, heavy cut, spreading and simple grading. It also includes heavy, medium and light load modes.

To increase time saved, the machine transmits real time location and grade progress data wirelessly to the office via Komatsu’s Komtrax tracking technology and Topcon’s construction management system Sitelink3D.

The automatic control is not like other plug-and-play systems; it’s actually integrated into the machine. The only visible part is the system’s antennae on the roof of the machine.

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