Foxx outlines three main DOT goals

Anthony FoxxAnthony Foxx

Newly-sworn in Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx took to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Fast Lane blog yesterday to reiterate his goals for the USDOT.

“I believe in safe, effective transportation, and whether it is a bus, road, train, plane, or ship, our transportation system –at its best– connects people to a better quality of life,” Foxx wrote.

He explained that he relied on public transportation to get to work when he was 12 years old. Foxx added that the projects that were completed in Charlotte, North Carolina, while he was mayor depended on the USDOT for guidance.

Foxx outlined three main areas he intends to focus on while serving as Transportation Secretary:

  1. 1) Ensuring the safety of the nations’s transportation system
  2. 2) Improving the efficiency and performance of the nation’s existing transportation system
  3. 3) Using innovation and creativity to improve the nation’s future transportation system

Foxx was sworn yesterday in as Secretary of Transportation. He succeeds Ray LaHood, who spent four years in the position.