DOT owes Palm Beach over $300K

111813-BridgeUpdateIn 2010 the Florida Department of Transportation paid Palm Beach $1.046 million when it took all but 1,598 square feet of a 14,744-square-foot parcel at the southeast corner of the Flagler Memorial Bridge to make room for a replacement bridge.

The town would go on to sue the DOT, saying that amount wasn’t enough. After mediation between the two sides, a settlement worth nearly $1.4 million was approved. That gives the town an additional $353,100.

Bill Diamond, who represented the town in mediation, called it a “great settlement.”

“I guess it worked out well, and I’m happy to do it for the town. It was a great victory for the town. I’m pleased that once in a while something does go right.” Diamond said with a laugh.

A little over $300k might not seem like a lot for the DOT, but it will be pinching pennies until a long-term Highway Trust fund bill is passed.