Firearms to be used for road construction

la-me-ln-guns-melted-20130730-001Thousands of handguns, rifles and other weapons have been destroyed to eventually be used in construction of roads and bridges. The weapons were melted and converted into steel rebar as part of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s 21st annual Gun Melt event.

Over 178,000 weapons have been destroyed as part of the event since its inception.

“All kinds of weapons, guns that have been altered, converted Mac-10s, we have knives, rifles, pistols, revolvers,” Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Nicole Nishida said.

In addition to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department,  over 12 local law enforcement agencies have also contributed weapons that had previously been confiscated.

Not everyone agrees with the decision to destroy the firearms. Sam Paredes, spokesperson for Gun Owners of California, said officials should sell the confiscated firearms on the legal gun market and use that revenue to promote gun safety in the community.

In addition to promoting gun safety, maybe some of that revenue could go toward the Highway Trust Fund?