President Obama to urge for private investments

If a multiyear solution to the Highway Trust Fund is unable to be reached, President Barack Obama will look into private investors to help fix roads and bridges around the country. That would likely mean more tolls for drivers as companies will look for ways to profit off of their investments.

“There are lots of investors who want to back infrastructure projects because, when it’s done right, they then get a steady, long-term investment,” Obama said. “They get a steady return.”

According to U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, there are a lot of international investors who would love to get into the U.S. market. If the United States is actually willing to accept private funding, there would be plenty of money to help improve roads and bridges around the country.

“We have trillions of dollars on the sidelines internationally that could be put to work,” Foxx said.

Do you think the United States should accept private funding?