Submit your extreme winter maintenance stories and photos

e7ec5244-7477-11e3-8eab-22000ab828e0-largeWith the polar vortex that has made temperatures in the Midwest drop to subzero temps (with the windchill, temps are as cold as -45 degrees Fahrenheit in Chicago and close to -30 in the Columbus, Ohio, area where I am now), this graphic made me laugh.

It’s on days such as these I am grateful to be working from home in my sweatpants with my trusty Keurig just a few steps away.

However, road agency and contractor employees don’t have the luxury of working from inside a cozy house. Instead, they are out in the harsh weather clearing roads and ensuring traffic safety.

How are your snow- and ice-control agency folks keeping your staff safe in these dangerous temps? Or are your employees safely working inside trucks as they plow roads?

I’d love to see your photos and hear your snow and ice stories for possible publication online and/or in print.

E-mail me at [email protected].

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