A frozen over meter doesn’t mean you’re off the hook from paying

(Photo: Bill Couch / Flickr)(Photo: Bill Couch / Flickr)

Think you’ve caught a lucky break if the buttons on the parking meter you pull up to are frozen and stuck? If you’re in the City of Columbus, Ohio, you can think again.

Instead of getting free parking, city officials are warning motorists that they need to find another parking spot if the meter buttons are frozen so time can’t be increased, according to a Columbus Dispatch report.

Since Dec. 1, the City of Columbus has received about 10 complaints about electronic parking meters that were frozen, according to the Dec. 23 Dispatch report. The solution? Rick Tilton, assistant director in the Department of Public Service, suggests you keep moving along.

“The best thing to do is go find the nearest meter that you can put money in and park there,” Tilton said in the Dispatch report.

Better move along.