Bomag’s New "No-Frills" BW 211 D Single Drum Roller

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Updated Mar 7, 2024
Bomag BW 211 D Smart Line
The lower-cost Bomag BW 211 D Smart Line was on display at the 2024 ARA Show in New Orleans.
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With Bomag’s new BW 211 D Smart Line single drum roller, fleet managers can expect powerful compaction performance at a 20-30% lower price tag.

Specifically designed for the rental industry, the no-frills model offers a rugged design, simplified maintenance and operation, and the option to add additional comfort and technology features. 

The BW 211 D Smart Line offers offer two amplitudes and two frequencies, as well as optimal weight distribution and line load, to achieve the maximum depth effect. Even in difficult terrain, such as road, dam or landfill construction, the 125-horsepower Cummins engine and high-torque drive offer enough power to tackle grades of up to 50%.

The smooth drum version is ideal for compacting sand, gravel, crushed rock and weakly cohesive soils. A standard steel scraper keeps the roller drum clean and the roller running smoothly and evenly.

The unit can easily be converted to a padfoot drum without having to dismantle the frame thanks to a three-part segment sleeve. The raised front frame provides adequate clearance between the drum and frame to prevent material clogging in highly cohesive subsoil. The scraper teeth are made of wear-resistant manganese steel and can be replaced separately.

Spacious and Simple Cab

The spacious operator station is straightforward and clearly marked, allowing even new operators to master the controls quickly. Each function has its own robust switch, and the color display is easy to read.

“We only have a few buttons in the operator cluster and the joystick is very simple,” says Tom Watson, director of sales, rental channel for Bomag. “Our normal one had nine buttons on it; it’s very high-tech. This one is just an F-N-R level with a button for on and off and a horn.”

A vibration-insulated operator’s platform comes standard. Options range from railings and a canopy to a ROPS/FOPS roof to a fully enclosed cab that can be equipped with air conditioning. Unlike the full-featured Performance line, there are no high-end computer systems and limited ability to adjust the seat and steering wheel in the Smart Line models. An optional high-comfort seat is available.

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From the cab, there is good all-around visibility of the machine and jobsite. For added safety, a seat contact switch shuts down the machine as soon as the operator leaves the seat while the unit is in operation. High-intensity headlights also come standard.

On slopes and inclines, the roller offers extra braking power. In addition to the rear parking brake, there is a multi-disc brake in the front drum.

Easy Maintenance

Bomag says its Smart Line rollers are designed for durability and require little maintenance. The service points, central outlets and replaceable rubber buffers are accessible from the ground. Technicians do not need to lift the drum or front frame to replace the buffers.

All engine components, filters, and filler necks are protected against dirt, moisture, and vandalism by a robust hood. The electronic components are bundled in one place and protected from moisture.

“All of our wiring harnesses are color-coded for easy identification,” says Watson. “If it's power, it's going to be red; if it’s electronics, it’ll be yellow; and black will be non-high voltage electronics.”

An additional metal bracket on the side protects the hydraulic hoses from material wear and damage.

Bomag kept the same maintenance-free articulation joint on the low-cost model. It does not require lubrication.

With its robust cooling system, the BW 211 D is built to work in extreme conditions up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Optional Technologies

The optional Terrameter and Economizer assistance systems can be integrated into the display and show compaction progress or degree of compaction in real-time. The position, speed, and EVIB value collected by the Terrameter can be transferred to the Bomap app. Bomap then draws a compaction map of the entire site in real-time.

The Bomag Telematic app, available for PC, iOS and Android devices, provides full transparency into machine health at all times.