Hamm Unveils Two New Tandem Asphalt Rollers with Oscillation & Vibration

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static shot Hamm's HD+ 120i V-VIO and HD+ 120i VIO-2 HF tandem rollers
New for the American market, Hamm's HD+ 120i V-VIO and HD+ 120i VIO-2 HF tandem rollers.

Hamm has introduced two new asphalt tandem rollers that can compact with vibration or oscillation.

The HD+ 120i V-VIO and the HD+ 120i VIO-2 HF are now available in the North American market. The release of the new models comes just months after new models weighing 15,433 pounds and 17,636 pounds were launched in the summer of 2023 spanning multiple weight classes.

Both new rollers run on a 154-horsepower Deutz engine and compact at widths of 78 inches.

The HD+ 120i V-VIO, which weighs 28,467 pounds, features a vibrating roller drum at 3,000 vibrations per minute at the front and a VIO drum for oscillation or vibration at the rear. 

The 29,966-pound HD+ 120i VIO-2 HF provides two VIO drums. The operator can control oscillation and vibration from the cab. An automatic control feature on the HD+ 120i VIO-2 HF ensures that the front drum in either travel direction is always in vibration mode, while oscillation or static compaction is used on the rear drum.

When traveling in reverse, the drums automatically switch modes. Hamm says this gives the roller high compaction power while keeping operation simple. The 13-ton roller compacts at over 4,000 vibrations per minute.

The combination of vibration or two oscillation drums together eliminates the need for switching machines and additional crew members on a jobsite, the company says. In addition, the dual-featured compactors require fewer double passes.

Oscillation can be deployed for compaction of joints at lower temperatures. Also, the system prevents particle crushing and overcompaction while reducing noise and vibration. 

According to Hamm, the HD+ 120i VIO-2 HF offers nine different combinations of compaction methods.

VIO drumWith its VIO drum, Hamm presents a new compaction system for asphalt construction that offers even more flexibility in its application.HammBoth rollers have spacious, clear-view cabs featuring Hamm’s Easy Operating concept that combines intuitive operation with clear guidance and ergonomics. 

For example, the seat is permanently attached to the steering column including the dashboard. As a result, all the displays remain within the operator's field of vision in any sitting position. The rollers are steered by steering wheel. The multifunction armrest with joystick can be folded back.

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In addition, the rollers are equipped with various interfaces to connect telematics systems, fleet management systems, and digital applications for controlling and documenting compaction. 

As with other oscillation drums from Hamm, the new VIO drums feature wear-resistant steel and temperature-resistant special belt.