JCB Re-Enters U.S. Paving Market with 2 Tandem-Drum Compactors

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Updated Feb 16, 2024
JCB says its new Vibromax small tandem-drum compactors, the CT160 and CT260, are designed for high efficiency.

JCB has re-entered the North American paving market with two new tandem-drum compactors.

Designed for ease of use, all-day productivity, low maintenance, and operator comfort, the CT160 and CT260 have been available in markets outside of North America for some time, earning nearly 25% of sales in some regions, according to JCB. The company says the release of the new machines at Pave/X 2024, "paves the way for the rollout of an extensive portfolio of compaction equipment."

The new tandem rollers will be branded once again under the Vibromax name after the German company JCB was acquired in 2005. 

At 3,770 to 6,041 pounds, these machines are easily trailered. The CT160 offers a choice of either a 31.5-inch or a 39.3-inch drum. The CT260 comes with a 47.2-inch drum.

The CT160 uses a 3-cylinder, 19.8-horsepower engine, and the CT260 models get a 3-cylinder 24.4-horsepower engine.

On both machines, a directional drive lever enables smooth fore and aft movements. From a bird's eye view, the CT160 and CT260 have an hourglass profile, enabling operators a clear view of the drum edges. 

JCB says work modes on the control panels are easy to understand, and switches are sized to create positive tactile feedback even with gloved hands, while anti-vibration mounts reduce fatigue by isolating the operator from the drum vibrations.

Automatic vibration control is standard, and the CT160 and CT260 feature three vibration settings:

  • Vibration for both drums
  • Vibration for the rear drum only
  • Vibration for the front drum only 

A manually adjustable offset on the front drum enables the operator to avoid damage to curbs and ironwork. The company says the rear drum is flush with the rear chassis, so operators can work close to walls or obstacles. Also, chamfered edges on the drums ensure a smooth finish, and a pressurized water spray system keeps the drums clean during operation, the company says. The drum scraper bars (two per drum) can be adjusted whether working with stone or asphalt.

JCB CT-160JCB's tandem rollers will be branded under the Vibromax name.JCBMaintenance also has been simplified on the JCB machines. The central articulation joint is maintenance-free, cutting greasing time and operating costs while preventing neglect for rental customers, according to JCB.

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In addition, all engine service points and daily maintenance checks are accessible at ground level with a high-lift, tilt-up engine hood. The radiator sits at the center of the machines for protection and easy cleaning and easier access to the battery and other service points.

To avoid any confusion, the rollers’ water tanks are embossed with â€śWATER ONLY” lettering and have a white cap versus machines that have a blue cap for the DEF/Ad Blue filler tank. The water spray systems are equipped with replaceable, easy-to-fit bayonet nozzles with filters.

In addition, JCB’s LiveLink telematics system is standard for real-time location and geofencing, remote historical data access, monitoring use, critical machine alerts, and operational data, including when the vibration system is in use.

Quick Specs


  • Operating weight: 3,770 lb.
  • Working width: 31.5 in.
  • Nominal amplitude: 0.016 in.
  • Centrifugal force, each drum: 2,452/4,297 lbf.
  • Engine: 19 hp


  • Operating weight: 3,946 lb.
  • Working width: 39.4 in.
  • Nominal amplitude: 0.014 in.
  • Centrifugal force, each drum: 2,452/4,297 lbf.
  • Engine: 19 hp


  • Operating weight: 5,335 lb.
  • Working width: 39.4 in.
  • Nominal amplitude: 0.22 in.
  • Centrifugal force, each drum: 5,310/9,247 lbf
  • Engine: 24.4 hp


  • Operating weight: 5,644 lb.
  • Working width: 47.2 in.
  • Nominal amplitude: 0.20 in.
  • Centrifugal force, each drum: 5,310/9,247 lbf.
  • Engine: 24.4 hp