EPA takes action against DPF-delete kits for pickups

Updated Jan 14, 2013

DPF-deletes-EPADPF-delete kits have become popular for diesel truck owners who want to boost performance on emissions restricted engines – but no more.

The phenomenon of circumventing the EPA’s mandated pollution-control systems through DPF-deletes began about six years ago, according to our sister publication Pro Pickup’s special report. But using those computer programs and exhaust system products on registered vehicles is in violation of the 1990 Clean Air Act and the EPA has decided to being rapping some knuckles.

In fact, tampering with or removing pollution-control devices from your pickup could now land you some large fines or even jail time.

The details are extensive on this one and ProPickup Editor Bruce Smith goes into great detail about the EPA’s action against DPF-deletes. Be sure to click here to read the full story.