Komatsu D85EX-18: The Large Dozer with the Highest Retained Value for 2022

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Komatsu D85EX-8 dozer pushing dirt up dirt pile
EquipmentWatch has named Komatsu’s D85EX-18 as the large dozer with the highest retained value for 2022.

EquipmentWatch has named Komatsu’s D85EX-18 as the large dozer with the highest retained value for 2022.

With a five-year retained value of 73%, the D85EX-18 was 10 percentage points higher than the overall average for the category.  

For EquipmentWatch’s Highest Retained Value awards, the retained value is a prediction for the value of a piece of equipment five years from now. Analysis was limited to models still sold in 2022 to ensure these results can be applied to buying decisions today. 

Retained values are often related to the concept of depreciation, which is a measure of how far a piece of equipment’s value decreases over time. Retained values are an important factor in equipment purchase or lease decisions, as some new equipment holds its value better than others over time. This could mean more money in your pocket when it comes time to trade it in.


The D85EX-18 features an 11-liter engine, large capacity power-pitch blade, fuel efficient automatic shift transmission and PLUS (Parallel Link Undercarriage System) rotating bushing undercarriage option.

Other features include auto-idle shutdown, which can be set from 5 to 60 minutes for reducing fuel burn, and hydrostatic steering, which transmits engine power to both tracks without power interruption and minimizes turning radius with counter-rotation while in neutral.

The lockup torque converter determines the appropriate gear based on load and conditions. The lockup mechanism then automatically transfers engine power directly to the transmission, helping boost drivetrain efficiency, the company says.

The cab has an air suspension seat with lumbar support and tilt and electric heat. A standard rearview camera displays on the color monitor in the cab.

The Komatsu Tier 4 Final engine is rated at 267 gross horsepower. The dozer has an operating weight of 68,165 pounds.

Top alternatives

According to EquipmentWatch, the other two models most likely to retain their value over a five-year period are Komatsu’s D155AXI-8 and Case’s 2050M.

At EquipmentWatch, retained values are calculated using market data, depreciation standards and a proprietary algorithm. For more information on its methodology, click here. EquipmentWatch is owned by Randall Reilly, the parent company of Equipment World.

Quick specs D85EX-18

  • Gross horsepower: 267
  • Operating weight: 68,165 pounds
  • Hydraulic oil flow: 87.4 gallons per minute
  • Top speed: 6.3 mph forward; 8.1 mph reverse