IPA’s portable tank cleaner keeps dirty diesel away from your engines

Updated May 14, 2018

A man using the IPA Tools' Pneumatic Fuel Tank Sweeper on a blue barrel

Pity the fool who lets diesel fuel sit too long. Contaminated fuel can ruin injectors, clog filters, compromise performance and bring trucks and off-road equipment to a halt.

To help you keep your diesel clean IPA Tools has developed this Pneumatic Fuel Tank Sweeper, a turnkey system for removing debris, impurities and water from contaminated diesel fuel oil and kerosene. It can be used to bulk transfer or filter and polish these fuels at rates up to 26 gallons per minute using a diaphragm pump.

A spill-free, drain-down design keeps the process clean. It comes with 17- and 13-micron filters, an 11-foot intake hose and 11-foot output hose, a rigid and a flexible wand with a flow through brush and a quick connect ball valve. The steel cart rolls on 10-inch pneumatic wheels.