Hydrema awarded $168 million contract for Area Mine Clearing Vehicles

Hyderma received a $168 million contract from the U.S. Army for the company's Area Mine Clearing Vehicles (AMCS)

Hydrema has been awarded a contract on Area Mine Clearing Vehicles (AMCS) from U.S. CECOM to the U.S. Army Engineers. The contract is a five-year contract and covers delivery of Mine Clearing Vehicles (MCV), spares, training and maintenance. The size of the contract is indefinite with a ceiling of $168 million.

The first deliveries will take place within a few months, according to Hyderma.

The company says it considers the contract “a breakthrough in U.S., where we have been established since 2006 and already have a smaller number MCVs in service by the U.S. Air Force.”

The CEO of Hydrema Jan Werner Jensen states: “This gives us an excellent opportunity for further development on the US Market for both our military as well as construction equipment products using the MCV contract to increase our level of activity and expand our sale and service facilities in the U.S.”

The contract underlines the good relationship between the U.S. and Denmark and is one of the first examples of complete systems export and marks the opening for Danish Defense Industry possibilities in the U.S. market.