Cemen Tech announces North American tour, demos

Cemen Tech Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of volumetric mixers, announces its 2010 North American tour. The tour will be conducted throughout the spring and summer months of 2010 as live demonstrations will be conducted using a Cemen Tech MCD10-150, which will be producing fresh high-quality concrete at various locations throughout North America.

Everyone is welcome to attend these hands-on demos as certified and trained CTI personnel will show how a Cemen Tech volumetric concrete mixer can save contractors, concrete producers, municipalities, maintenance and transportation department’s time and money by producing their own concrete for a number of different projects.

The Cemen Tech mixer is ideal for both large and small jobs requiring various mix designs and quantities of fresh high-quality concrete. The Cemen Tech mixer is also capable of producing slurry mixes, pervious concrete, colored concrete, rapid setting mixes and mix designs and a variety of other specialty mixes.

To sign up for a demonstration or learn more about the Cemen Tech volumetric mixer, contact the CTI sales department at 800-247-2464 or visit the company’s Web site at www.cementech.com.