Continental intros the TeleMaster, its first off-road telehandler tire

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Updated May 26, 2017
Continental’s TeleMasterContinental’s TeleMaster

Continental Commercial Specialty Tires has unveiled its first solid off-the-road tire designed for telehandlers.

TeleMaster tires are designed to handle heavy loads, be long lasting, maintain traction and provide a comfortable ride, the company says.

Vehicles on TeleMasters can carry heavy loads in rugged terrain. Continental says it made the tires with “a special three-layer rubber construction that ensures a low heat buildup.” The tires have non-directional tread patterns that allow forward and reverse on hard and loose surfaces, providing stability and a smoother ride.

Calling it a flat-proof solution, Continental says the solid tire means no need for pressure checks or filling the tire with polyurethane. The tires come in two sizes: 315/95-28/8.50 and 360/85-28/10.00.