Unexpected test drive detour onto construction site makes for hilarious commerical

Updated Jun 4, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 7.49.51 AMWe can’t testify as to whether the setup in this commercial is 100 percent real, but if it isn’t the actress in question is unbelievably good at looking terrified.

In this Belgian ad for the new Toyota Rav 4, an actress is hired to play the part of the passenger in a commercial for the SUV. Things begin smoothly enough but in a hidden camera twist, the driver suddenly makes a turn onto an active construction site. The rest is pure hilarious knee-jerk reaction.

At the end, it all resolves a little bit too quickly to feel completely real. But that’s okay. You’ve had a laugh and it’s Friday. Just a few more hours until the weekend.

[youtube xz73THbhc0Y nolink]