Nevada County (Calif.) to replace 3 bridges in summer 2017

Updated Jun 15, 2017

Road Work Cones ConstructionThe Nevada County (Calif.) Department of Public Works has begun replacing one of three bridges that the state deemed “structurally deficient” in Nevada County, the Union reports.

The McCourtney Road bridge over Rock Creek was the first, and it will be followed by the replacement of an unsafe bridge on Garden Bar Road over Little Wolf Creek and Little Wolf Creek Bridge at Sanford Crossing.

The county contracted Q&D Construction to work on the three bridges for $2.5 million. Joshua Pack, principal civil engineer for the Public Works Department, told the news agency that money will be reimbursed to the county by the federal government. He mentioned that none of the three bridges are heavily trafficked, but added that “It doesn’t matter how big or small the roads are. It’s our responsibility to maintain access and keep the bridges safe.”

Work on all three bridges is expected to be completed by November 2017.