Renting a telehandler: Questions 6 and 7

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Updated Nov 20, 2013

6 rentsmartWhat attachments do you need?

Beyond the standard forks, popular attachments include wider fork carriages, brooms, and jib – or truss – booms. Keep in mind, however, that a wider fork carriage may be too wide to enter restricted openings, Kiskunas says, “or may project beyond palleted loads.”

“One of the neatest things I’ve seen lately is a concrete augering bucket.” Watton says. “But really, 95 percent of the time they’ll be equipped with forks. “

Buckets help users handle loose material or clean-up, but do not give the telehandlers earthmoving capabilities associated with other construction machines that use buckets. Telehandlers also can convert to an aerial work platform with a manufacturer-approved attachment. But keep in mind most attachments will affect the capacity, forward reach and stability of the stability of the machine, says one rental dealer.

7 rentsmartWhat type of tires do you need? 

Pneumatic, foam filled or solid telehandler tires are available. While pneumatic tires provide the most traction, they are susceptible to flats. Foam-filled tires provide more stability and are puncture resistance, but their extra weight puts more wear and tear on the drivetrain. Solid tires, although lacking a cushioned ride, weigh more, perhaps giving you additional weight to reach higher heights in weights.


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