3rd Day of Construction Gifts: Worker-Approved Lightweight Skullerz Hard Hats

Jordanne Waldschmidt Headshot
Updated Dec 9, 2022
Ergodyne Skullerz Class C Hard Hat in Lime

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Ergodyne now offers new lightweight, low-cost hard hats that meet ANSI safety standards.

The Skullerz ultra-light, 14.3-ounce hard hat is made from an HDPE plastic shell that also meets both CSA (Canada) standards. The hard hats are available in Class C and Class E cap and brim styles and a variety of colors – including the addition of blue and lime, both new to the Skullerz line. The option of adding a custom logo or graphic is also available.

The hard hat fits hat sizes 6.5 to 8.25 (head circumference: 21 to 26 inches). The size of the height-adjustable six-point suspension can be adjusted using the one-handed LockFit ratchet system. Compared to a four-point suspension system, the hard hat’s six-point suspension better disperses the force of an impact, Ergodyne says. The suspension system can swivel up or down to clear a bandana knot or ponytail.

The removable foam-backed hard-hat sweatband is breathable and washable. Select models feature always-open venting for improved air circulation and a cooler hard hat in high temperatures.

“These new hard hats allow us to deliver Skullerz signature comfort, fit and features at a lighter weight and lower cost than our premium models,” said Tim Gallant, product director at Ergodyne. “And while customers will love the cost, what really matters is what workers think– and we’re excited to share that the fit, feel and style are a hit with those already testing in the field.”

The new Skullerz Head Protection Solutions are available online. Prices range from $24 to $26.