Decked CargoGlide Lets You Access Gear in Your Truck with the Pull of a Lever

Decked CargoGlide installed in a truck bed

Why crawl into the back of your truck to retrieve tools and gear when you could easily slide it out?

Decked has introduced a new heavy-duty sliding bed platform, the CargoGlide, that makes loading, unloading, organizing and accessing gear more efficient.

With the pull of a lever, CargoGlide rolls forward out of the truck bed from its locked position. The sliding tray can extend past the end of the bed by as much as 100 percent, putting gear that would be otherwise out of reach at chest level.

The CargoGlide is available in 1,000-, 1,500-, and 2,200-pound payload options, with either 75 percent or 100 percent extension of the tray available.

The 1,000-pound, 75 percent extension option is compatible with the company’s drawer system. Owners can store heavy equipment on the CargoGlide and secure tools and smaller gear inside the drawer system’s two full-length drawers.

Adjustable tie-down locations on the side rails can be used to secure gear.

The system is constructed from powder-coated steel and industrial, marine-grade plywood coated with a thermoplastic top sheet. It is available for most full-size and mid-size trucks and cargo vans. CargoGlide comes pre-assembled and takes less than 30 minutes to install, the company says.  

Below is a breakdown of the models and pricing.

CargoGlide Models and PricingDecked