Play some tunes, protect your ears with new ISOtunes ANSI-rated bluetooth headphones and earbuds

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ISOtunes Link headphones
ISOtunes Link headphones

ISOtunes has introduced two new sets of headphones to protect workers’ hearing on the job, while keeping them plugged in to their favorite tunes and able to hear incoming phone calls.

Both devices – the ISOtunes Xtra 2.0 earbuds with neckband and the ISOtunes Link earmuff headphones – have Bluetooth connectivity and provide ANSI-certified noise-reduction ratings, the company says.

The earmuffs, called ISOtunes Link, mark the company’s first over-ear Bluetooth headphones. The headphones have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts 14 or more hours on a full charge. You can also pop out the lithium-ion battery and insert three AAA batteries (not included) for 28 hours of run time.

They are designed to reduce noise by 24 decibels. The company says the headphones’ noise-isolating microphone enables clear calls in loud environments. The headphones also limit volume to 85 decibels for further protection. They are sweat- and water-resistant and have memory foam cushioning, the company says.

ISOtunes Xtra 2.0 earbudsISOtunes Xtra 2.0 earbuds with safety yellow trim.The ISOtunes Xtra 2.0 earbuds represent an upgrade from the company’s previous earbuds. They are attached to a neckband, which has the volume, on/off and other controls, as well as a charger slot hidden by a tiny rubber strip. The rechargeable battery runs 11 hours on one charge. The company says the earbuds are water-, dust- and sweat-proof.

The earbuds have magnets that close the neckband, so you can wear it when not in use. When in that closed position, music is automatically paused. The music resumes when the magnets are separated.

The earbuds come with different sized ear tips in two styles: three pairs of typical silicone tips, and four pairs of foam tips that you squeeze and then push into your ear. The company says the Xtra 2.0 has a noise reduction rating of 27 decibels. It also comes with a carrying pouch. Customers can choose either a safety yellow trim or all black for the neckband.

ISOtunes Xtra 2.0 earbudsISOtunes Xtra 2.0 earbuds in all black.Both headphones and earbuds come with a USB charging cord, are compatible with Siri and Google Voice, and cost $80, according to the ISOtunes website.


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