Father’s Day Gift Guide: 13 great tools, gadgets and more construction gear for Dad

Updated Jun 13, 2018

New Estwing gloves offer three levels of protection

estwing gloves

Cut, blisters, splinters, calluses—dad’s hands get plenty of abuse on the job and a good pair of gloves is the best way to prevent that. Estwing has just come out with a “Tough, Tougher and Toughest” line up of gloves. The gloves feature a nylon back for stretch and fit while offering synthetic leather, goatskin or split cowhide leather palms for protection. The Neoprene wrist collar is adjustable to keep debris out and a back of hand knuckle band provides impact protection. Finger seams are stitched on the back of the fingers for comfort and better dexterity. From $13 to $25.

Yeti tumblers keep coffee hot, cocktails cold

yeti lowball

Our online editor Wayne Grayson typically has three things with him wherever he goes: his iPhone, AirPods and his Yeti Rambler Lowball. Most of the time, the 10-ounce Lowball is filled with fresh, hot coffee, but on occasion it makes a great vessel for more adult drinks. The Lowball, and its handled, 14-ounce cousin, the Yeti Insulated Camp Mug will keep your coffee hot for hours and their stainless steel design not only looks great but will weather the rigors of the jobsite with ease.

yeti mug

After hours, they’ll keep your cocktails cold all evening long. Wayne says the Lowball in particular makes a great container for bourbon sipping, preventing your paws from warming neat liquor above room temperature while you sip. The Lowball retails for $20 while the Insulated Camp Mug is $25.

A Cat hat or hoodie

Caterpillar Hoodie

When it comes to dads, you can never go wrong with a hoodie or ball cap that displays their affection for a team or machine. For the Cat fan in your life, either of these pieces of swag will be a hit. The hoodie, which comes in a swath of colors, runs between $40 and $50 on Amazon while the cap runs between $11 and $22 depending on the color or size you get.

Rock out, charge up with Bosch Power Box

bosch power bos

Who doesn’t need some tunes to pick up the pace on a long day? With the Bosch Power Box PB360C, dad and his crew can enjoy tunes from internet radio, regular AM/FM radio or streamed via Bluetooth from smart phones up to 150 feet away. For practical purposes you can use it to charge your Bosch cordless tool batteries. It runs off the same batteries or can be plugged into a regular 120V-outlet with an extension cord. The four-way speakers and subwoofer project sound 360-degrees, and an aluminum and rubber roll cage and weather resistant housing protect your Power Box from rough handling on the jobsite. $199.

A portable charger that also jumpstarts engines

Weego 66

If you require a bit more oomph for charging your devices, look no further than the Weego 66. The Weego 66 is a 12-volt lithium-ion power pack designed for the jobsite. It weighs 2.5 pounds and jumpstarts engines up to 10 liters by delivering up to 2,500 peak amps and 600 cranking amps. It also has 5-volt USB and 19-volt outputs for powering laptops and mobile devices – able to charge a cellphone nine times before recharging, the company says – and it provides a 600-lumen dual LED flashlight that lasts up to 30 hours. It is 90 percent lighter and 80 percent smaller than traditional lead-acid jump boxes, the company says. $200

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Bobcat bandana

bobcat bandana

What could be better than a bandana that works as a sweatband, a dust mask, a beanie or a scarf? At the Bobcat store you can get this multifunction accessory imprinted with the company logo to show your brand loyalty for just $7.50.

Petzl Tikka

petzl tikka head light

When dad must work in the dark of night or crawl around under a house or find the trail back to the tent on campouts, or anywhere where there isn’t enough light, this Petzl Tikka headband light provides the solution. You get 200 lumens of light that can reach out to 60 meters and a red beam for stealth activities. It runs up to 60 hours on the high beam/240 hours on low and is powered by three standard batteries. About $30 on Amazon.

Magnetic wristband

smart work magnetic writband

Lose one screw, lose 10 minutes of your life trying to find it. If dad is frequently found working under the hood of a car or piece of equipment, these simple magnetic wristbands from Smart Work Pro Tools can keep bits, bolts, screws and parts conveniently at hand. The band is adjustable thanks to a Velcro closure and the breathable fabric inner lining adds comfort. In addition to wrapping it around your wrist, it can also be looped around a belt to keep bits and parts at your side. About $13 at Amazon.

Craftsman ratcheting box end wrench set

craftsmen wrench and socket set

Sneak out to the garage when dad isn’t looking and go through his tool drawers. If you don’t see any of these ratcheting box end wrenches, do him a favor and order a set. Unlike regular box wrenches these don’t need to be taken off the bolt and repositioned with every turn. You keep the head of the wrench on the fastener and ratchet around with each turn, left or right. The reversing lever is thumb operated. Openings are 12 points. Five standard (English) and seven metric sizes from ¼” to 21 mm. A great convenience and timesaver. Sears online has several sets, this 12-piece set runs about $60.

RevMark Markers

revmark marker

You may not find these on dad’s wish list, but he’ll be glad you got some for him. RevMark builds a line of markers specific for the needs of construction workers and outdoor applications. The patented holster cap is easy to clip onto a tool belt or pocket—you pull out the pen and the cap stays put—no need to use both hands or bite down on the cap to unsheathe the pen. The durable tips are tough enough to draw on brick and cinderblock, plastic pipe, metal and other difficult surfaces. The ink is fade resistant and quick drying. Comes in fine, ultra-fine and white ink versions. About $4.50 each or $24 for a box of 12.

Vena vArmor a highly protective smartphone case with a great feel

vArmor Vena protective phone case

One of our online editor Wayne Grayson’s favorite smartphone cases not just for how much protection it offers but for it’s low price point too, the Vena vArmor is available for a litany of smartphones, including the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices. The vArmor’s got a cool ruggedized design with a back that mimics the look of metal. The design incorporates a lot of small ridges and lines that not only add to a masculine aesthetic for the case, but also give you a better grip while holding your phone.

vArmor Vena protective phone case

Along with a better grip on the phone, the vArmor has an impressive fit, accommodating the cameras and charging port snugly while also retaining a tactile, clicky feel for the volume and power/sleep buttons. The case also features extra padding on the corners to protect against the nastiest of drops. The case features a dual-layer polycarbonate and TPU design and Vena says it meets military drop test standard 810G, making it capable of surviving 26 drops from 4 feet high. Plus, it includes a holster clip. Around $20 on Amazon.

Powered three ways, DeWalt’s new inflator lets you dial in psi digitally

dewalt inflator

Don’t let dad get stranded this summer with a flat tire, air matters, basketball, raft, etc., etc. DeWalt has a new 20V Max Corded/Cordless inflator (DCC0201B) that allows for high volume inflation/deflation and high pressure up to 160 psi. The tool can run off DeWalt’s 20-volt battery system, a 12-volt DC car outlet or a standard 110-am wall outlet. It features a digital gauge with auto-shutoff, LED illumination, accessory storage and a digital interface with presets to dial in your exact pressure requirements. $99.

Chill to the max with Deere’s 22-quart illuminated cooler

Deere’s 22-quart illuminated cooler

The heat is on this summer, but there’s enough room to keep supplies for dad, his crew or the whole family with this John Deere, jobsite rugged 22-quart lit cooler. This is Deere’s take on the Yeti cooler, except this version has built in anchor points to secure it in the back of the truck. Rubber feet provide clearance over rough ground and help keep the refreshments cooler. The 2.5-inch-thick lid has an easy release rubber seal. And a night-sight liner fully illuminates the contents. The illuminating liner is replaceable and rechargeable and will stay bright for more than 6,000 cooler openings. Integrated “ice legs” cool walls instantly down to 28 degrees and help with ice retention. Also available in 32 and 52-quart sizes. $285.