Keep your cool on the jobsite with Vortec’s Personal Air Conditioning Vest

Updated May 18, 2017

Vortec Personal Air Conditioner Cooling Vest

You can’t change the weather but you can take measures to keep yourself cool, and this Vortec Personal Air Conditioning vest (PAC) beats the shade and Gatorade hands down.

The vest hooks up to a regulator-like device that takes air from an air compressor and cools it down 45 to 60 degrees below the ambient air temperature.

The cool air is blown into the vest which is perforated with small holes that distribute the cooling air around your upper torso and neck. There are three models, two that provide cooling only and one that can be switched from cooling mode to heating mode and deliver warm air in cold situations.

Vortec Dual Action Pac 300dpi 1