Eaton LifeSense hydraulic hose monitoring system goes wireless

Marcia Doyle Headshot
Updated Apr 19, 2013

Eaton LifeSense wireless hydraulic hose monitoring systemEaton’s LifeSense hydraulic hose monitoring system is now available in a wireless version, displayed this week at Bauma in Munich, Germany.

LifeSense, which has been available in a wired version since 2011, uses a sensor to monitor the life of individual hydraulic hoses. Each sensor sends electronic signals that are run against a hose diagnostic unit, detecting failure-related events within a hose.

With this wireless method, instead of replacing all hoses on a machine at a prescribed service interval—and perhaps losing hose life—each hose can be monitored and replaced when it is truly at the end of its life.

A system that would connect this information with a machine’s telematics system is a future consideration, Eaton says.

The wireless system can measure up to 100 hoses, and transmits data once every seven hours. Users can access this information on a computer or smart phone.

The LifeSense system is the result of a research partnership with Purdue University Eaton initiated to address hydraulic hose failures.