Husqvarna remote demolition robots handle water, dust and vibration

Husqvarna DXR 270Husqvarna DXR 270

Perform efficient demolition in tough environments with Husqvarna’s remote demolition robot line, which now includes the DXR 270 and DXR 300.

The lightweight, compact DXR 270 is highly maneuverable, yet stable. Suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor work, the DXR 270 features outriggers with a wide footprint to boost stability and accommodate a greater workload. The fixed arm offers precise positioning and a 16-foot reach.

Weighing just 3,860 pounds and featuring a 31-inch-wide chassis, the robot is compact and light enough to fit through most doorways and can be transported in most lifts. Controlled by an operator-friendly remote control with a 3 1/2-inch color display and Bluetooth technology, the 25-horsepower unit can handle a range of environments, including those with high vibration, dust and water.

The DXR 300 weighs in at 4,320 pounds, which Husqvarna says is the lightest remote demolition robot in its class. Equipped with 13-inch wider outriggers than previous models, the DXR 300 can handle more than 930 pounds of workload.

The fixed arm offers a 17-foot reach and is useful for concrete and brick demolition while remaining compact enough to handle tight jobsites. The 30-horsepower robot also features a 3 1/2-inch color display remote control with Bluetooth, and handles dust, water and vibration.